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In ConnectTacoma charrettes, middle school and high school students tour, learn, conceptualize and build designs to help create a fun and usable people–scale waterfront. ConnectTacoma students brought their models to advance the city planning at the Focus on the Foss public workshops and in the City Council Study Session on the shoreline master program update.

Thank you to the City Council for improving the zoning of our waterfront between Ruston Way and Thea Foss waterway to become a destination for students, families, residents and visitors.

Thank you to all who came and spoke to the Tacoma City Council and the Planning Commission to DEFEND our future public access and beauty along our Commencement Bay waterfront from the Tacoma Dome to Thea Foss Waterway to Ruston Way to Point Defiance Zoo, park and beach.

Tacoma will be better with Ruston Way zoning extended to allow public access connections to the beaches and shoreline to the Thea Foss waterway.

Let's build ConnectTacoma designs to make our waterfront fun!

One of Tacoma's greatest natural resources is our 46 miles of shoreline. The Shoreline Master Program Update is currently being written to codify future uses, development and appearance of our waterfront. Priorities for public access, recreational opportunities, community gathering spaces, water quality, and 'no net loss' of shoreline are embedded within this comprehensive plan.

Tacoma has traditionally taken our water and waterfront very seriously. What will it take to build a wonderful legacy of connected walkways and waterfront parks for our future generations?

Connect Tacoma Waterfront Charrettes invite the students in our community to help design the waterfront they would like to see in their future. This drawing includes many of their innovative and creative solutions to the areas which are needed to complete Tacoma's Thea Foss Waterway and Commencement Bay shoreline for community enjoyment and healthy recreation.

In Tacoma, we have the potential for a flat, ADA accessible, seven mile continuous pedestrian and bicycle pathway along Washington's waterfront between The Tacoma Dome and Point Defiance Park. Almost 5 miles been completed, but not all of the sections are continuous.

According to the Washington State Legislature, local shoreline master programs are required: "To the greatest extent feasible consistent with the overall best interest of the state and the people generally, protect the public's opportunity to enjoy the physical and aesthetic qualities of shorelines of the state, including views of the water," (WAC 173-26-221 (4)(iii)).

The Shoreline Management Act was passed by the State Legislature in 1971 and adopted by voters in 1972. The overarching goal of the Act is "to prevent the inherent harm in an uncoordinated and piecemeal development of the state's shorelines."

Thank you to our Waterfront Charrette for Youth students, leaders and hosts:
Foss Waterway Seaport, University of Washington Tacoma Urban Studies Department,
, MetroParks, Tacoma Design Collaborative, Tacoma Art Museum, Brown & Haley, ALMOND ROCA®, Greater MetroParks Foundation, Nature By Design, Walk the Waterfront, Civitas, the City of Tacoma, Save Our Waterfront Now , and Rusty George Creative

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